Institutions articulate efforts to fight corruption

Institutions articulate efforts to fight corruption

The Comptroller General of the Republic and the Ministry of Popular Power for Women and Gender Equality signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation ties in the fight against corruption and strengthen the National Fiscal Control System.

The information was disseminated on the Twitter account of the Comptroller’s Office @CGRVenezuela, in which it was detailed that this agreement was signed between the Feminist School of the South, the Women’s Development Bank, and the Institute of Advanced Studies of Fiscal Control and Audit of State “Gumersindo Torres”-(COFAE) in order to promote the fight against corruption from a feminist perspective.

The signing of this agreement was led by the president of the COFAE Institute, Odalis Arteaga, along with her educational team, and the Minister for Women, Diva Guzmán, and representatives of the Southern Feminist School.

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