Institute of Social Security (IPS) awarded for a total value of G. 133,093,146,250

Social Security Institute (IPS) awarded for a total value of G. 133,093,146,250 to the Call for Bid No. 413,925 for the Acquisition of Biological, Ontological, Immunosuppressant and Other Medications for the Ips. For this tender, offers began to be received on Friday, July 1, 2022.

In the tender that is within the category Medical and Laboratory Equipment, Products and Instruments. Health Assistance Services 12 companies were benefited. The procedure implemented to carry out the call for bids was National Public Bidding.


The call was presented by 14 companies, of which 12 of them were ultimately suppliers of said tender.

  • Quimfa SA represented by Oscar Harrison, Maria Eugenia Paleari de Harrison and Felipe Sanabria for a value of G. 30,875,711,250 with a participation of 23.2% of the total awarded.
  • Prosalud Farma SA represented by Juan Domingo Rienzi Grassi, Camila Rienzi and Christian Rienzi for a value of G. 29,479,404,480 with a participation of 22.15% of the total awarded.
  • Index SACI represented by Ernesto Wasmosy, Dora S Schmidt de Wasmosy, Ernesto Wasmosy, Karin Wasmosy de Bosmans, Viviana Caballero and Lidia Anoni Paredes for a value of G. 15,826,387,500 with a participation of 11.89% of the total awarded.
  • H-Pair SACI represented by Carlos A González M, Fernando Alberto Fariñas and Juan Carlos Ricciardi for a value of G. 11,944,991,700 with a participation of 8.97% of the total awarded.
  • Laboratory of Ethical Products Comercial e Industrial SA represented by Oscar Vicente Scavone, Manuel Alberto Sobrado, Blas A Vazquez and Ricardo Kiriluk for a value of G. 11,084,999,220 with a participation of 8.33% of the total awarded.
  • Vicente Scavone & Cia. SAE represented by Oscar Aníbal Delgado Lopez, Christian Alexander Siéntense, Pascual Giagni, Vicente Scavone Cárdenas, César Scavone Cardenas, Maria Herminia Caballero, Maria Paz Zaldivar Caballero and Silvana Candia for a value of G. 10,731,960,000 with a participation of 8.06% of the total awarded.
  • Euroquimica SA represented by Marcelo Rienzi Zucolillo, Jorge Vourliotis and Paola Rienzi Zucolillo for a value of G. 8,267,141,700 with a participation of 6.21% of the total awarded.
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry SA represented by Maria Eugenia Harrison de Galeano and Pio Osvaldo Galeano Rios for a value of G. 7,166,995,020 with a participation of 5.38% of the total awarded.
  • Libra Paraguay S.A. represented by Carlos René Superchería, Ezequiela de Mercedes Sosa, Pablo Moreira and Eusebio Olmedo for a value of G. 5,076,796,380 with a participation of 3.81% of the total awarded.
  • Distributor La Policlinica SA represented by Norman Harrison Paleari, Susy Beatriz Bogado de Harrison, María Cristina Duarte Ozuna and María Gloria Velázquez for a value of G. 1,877,533,200 with a participation of 1.41% of the total awarded.
  • Fusa SA represented by Jorge R Genovese la Manna, Iván Gálvez, Francisco Picasso and Delia Zarate Cuellar for a value of G. 499,975,800 with a participation of 0.38% of the total awarded.
  • The Alamo S.A. represented by Ing Agr Rainer Maria Bendlin Beyersdorff for a value of G. 261,250,000 with a participation of 0.2% of the total awarded.

Two companies responded to the call: Farmacéutica Paraguaya SA and Mather Company SRL.

Source: DNCP

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