“Inspection offensive”: Deputies from Chile Vamos will question the ministers of Education and Health for early winter vacations

A “joint oversight offensive” with the focus on the Ministries of Education and Health. this was the announcement made by the deputies of Chile Vamos due to the lack of responses that, they say, they have seen from both portfolios regarding the variables and background that they had in mind to advance and extend the winter vacations, a decision that adopted by the Government in order to flatten the curve of infections by COVID-19 and prevent the spread of other seasonal diseases likely to saturate health services.

This oversight offensive will include two interpellations from the Ministers of Education and Health, Marco Antonio Ávila and María Begoña Yarza, respectively, which constitutes “one more way that parliament has when it wants to go into depth with a minister, when wants to know first hand the answers for errors, lack of preparation, for things that have directly affected citizenship, and there is nothing that affects people more directly than the education of their children, in how it is planned, “said the UDI deputy Jorge Alessandri, who would question the head of the Mineduc, a portfolio that decided to advance the winter holidays without prior coordination with the National Pandemic Response Commission.

“We have seen improvisation,” said the trade unionist, while the Evopoli deputy Francisco Undurraga stated that “schools do not only offer a one-way service, this in reference to the food services that children and adolescents receive, as well as the care that they receive while their parents or guardians are working. Alessandri told El Mercurio that school violence (especially the situation of “white overalls” in emblematic high schools), the end of the CAE, the suspension of measurements such as the Simce and the drop in enrollment in public establishments are other matters. that will be included in the interpellation of the Minister of Education.

Meanwhile, the deputy RN Ximena Ossandón will be in charge of the interrogation of the Minister of Health María Begoña Yarza, an opportunity in which she will transmit “doubts about the way in which the pandemic was handled, the seriousness with which the vaccination process and the way the government has communicated the risks of lowering our guard.”

The reconversion of pediatric beds and the level of testing will also be matters to be discussed in the interpellation, especially when, according to the parliamentarians of Chile Vamos, “testing has decreased by 40% compared to the wave of Ómicron, so Despite having a similar number of cases, positivity has increased, which leads to the conclusion that there are cases that are not being registered,” added Ossandón.

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