Insecurity in health centers in the country

In the Capellanes del Chaco Specialty Care Center, in the Roberto L. Petit neighborhood, criminals entered who rose up with cables from air conditioners and televisions.

Theft cases are the daily bread in recent times, and even hospitals are affected by insecurity. The criminals act without any type of fear and the worst of the case is that the police cannot take definitive action on them.

Those in charge of the Capellanes del Chaco Specialty Center denounced that this is the third time that criminals have entered the building and taken cables, televisions and everything they find in their path; They have two security guards, but they are already elderly and are only patrolling on weekends, and they cannot cover all the pavilions.

Dr. Hernán Jara, administrator of the center stated that this is not the first time they have been robbed by drug addicts, who take anything of value that they resell again: “They take things and sell them, they steal things with worth 20 million guaraníes and sell them for G 150,000. New boxed air conditioners, air compressors and a television were stolen; They take advantage of the fact that the guards are not there on weekends, it was then that they entered to steal” he mentioned.

He also said that the police station has already promised to put a permanent guard on Saturdays and Sundays, in order to avoid future losses. “At the beginning of the year they had already stolen an air conditioner, we went two months without it, now we had to put a fence and put chains, luckily we were able to get it again,” he said. Regarding the thieves, he mentioned that they are usually caught, but in a few days they return to the streets again.

“We had about 1,195 patients in July, and all of those people were affected in some way. The health region also helped us and we were able to buy a team again. The railing cost G 450,000 and it was an amount that we had to divide with the presidents of the sectionals to be able to pay ”he said.

Other affected hospitals

It is worth mentioning that this is not the only care center that suffers from the prevailing insecurity in the country. At the beginning of the month, a complaint was made where patients, doctors and relatives of the San Pablo Hospital suffered robberies during the night.

Itauguá National Hospital also has a high rate of robberies that affect families and even hospitalized patients. Months ago the managers had denounced that cars parked in the yard were taken.

In Concepción, the hospital was also a focus of insecurity, in this case the victims were the same officials of the center who denounced that they had been stripped of their belongings.

Despite the fact that police controls are carried out in the aforementioned areas, many times they are not enough and the robberies continue to happen without a definitive solution being able to be provided.

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