Inpec will deliver to MinJusticia security plan for La Picota prison

Inpec will deliver to MinJusticia security plan for La Picota prison

In mid-November, the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec), will deliver to the National Government, through the Ministry of Justice and Law, the plan to improve La Picota prison, after the scandal of the excesses of the party that lasted seven days.

The restructuring of the prison arises after the serious irregularities that have occurred in the last year, in which it has been the protagonist of several acts of corruption and the illegal entry of prohibited elements, leaks and clandestine exits.

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As reported, the new director of La Picota, the dragging Horacio Bustamante, seeks to reform the prison in about a year, guaranteeing the restructuring of the security of all the pavilions and the limits of the building to prevent the illegal entry of intoxicating beverages such as alcohol, high cost food, substances and other prohibited items.

“We are going to bet very strongly on changing the organizational culture, La Picota has to transform, We are going to talk about the dignity of human rights, a decent working day for the worker and we are also going to work on a disarmament plan with those deprived of liberty,” he said.

The plan will be socialized with the Minister of Justice, Néstor Osuna, with the aim of taking the pertinent measures to address the security crisis that is occurring in La Picota.

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In this sense, he revealed that there are places in that prison that do not have locks and that inmates practically wander through various corridors without control.

In a first diagnosis, Inpec detected that there are caches in which inmates from the extraditable pavilion, They store prohibited items such as restricted substances, imported liquor and money, among others.

In this situation, That entity, with the support of the United States Embassy in Colombia, will use the polygraph as a tool to detect acts of corruption in that prison.

“They are going to help us with training equipment, that’s why we send about 60 guardians so that they are trained in technical and technological issues,” he said.

He added that “the guards will undergo a polygraph. It is also the responsibility of the Embassy to help us with this and we want to have a specialized and dedicated people in the polygraph control periodically, for all the guardians and officials”.

Bustamante warned that “we have some deprived of liberty who They don’t have locks and they roam their security phase and that they have that privilege in certain areas. There we have some shortcomings that we diagnosed yesterday and it is possible that we will have that remedy tomorrow or by Monday, “he said.

He explained that from the neighborhoods that are located in the upper part of the prison, they would be throwing prohibited elements at the inmates. The hole that Inpec found has an extension close to 900 meters, through which the eccentric elements that are used for the parrandas of those who are being required in extradition would also be entering.

For his part, the Director of Inpec (e), Colonel Daniel Gutiérrez, recognized that “We have security vulnerabilities and surely there will also be some of our guards who have lent themselves to irregular or corrupt activities, but it does not mean that we are all corrupt”.

Finally, the official pointed out that it has been detected that both at night and during some hours of the day, unknown They are using drones that fly over La Picota prison.

“We have intelligence from the use of drones within the perimeter of La Picota and we do not have, for example, the frequency device to point the drones and shoot them down, because we cannot use firearms. That’s why we watch as they fly overhead, ”he concluded.

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