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INPE workers begin indefinite strike with protest at the Pocollay prison in Tacna

INPE workers begin indefinite strike with protest at the Pocollay prison in Tacna

Around 90 workers from the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) under the CAS regime protest outside the Pocollay Men’s Prison in Tacna. They ask the Minister of the Interior to issue a regulatory project that incorporates them into Law 29709, Law of the Special Public Penitentiary Career.

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The measure occurs within the framework of an indefinite national strike that 3,700 INPE workers have started, both security and administrative, of which 180 work in Tacna.

Same duties, different salaries

The organizational secretary of the National Union of Prison Workers Eloy Otazu Flores explained that in the institution there are up to four labor regimes and despite the fact that they perform the same functions, they receive very different salaries and benefits.

“It is totally disproportionate and detrimental to us, prison law workers receive approximately 3,000 soles, while we are only paid 1,500 soles and we do not have benefits, that is why we are requesting this regulatory project as promised by the Minister”declared the leader.

They ask the Executive Power to approve the normative project and that it be referred to the Congress of the Republic. (Photo: Diffusion)

Guarantee inmate care

He pointed out that due to the responsibility of the members of the National Penitentiary Council they have not yet been incorporated into the special law, created in 2011 and different regimes are managed.

He asserted that surveillance in prisons has not been neglected since the union has agreed to guarantee basic services within the prisons such as security, food and health.

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