Inmates tried to bring drugs into Unit 15 in a ball

Prisoners from Unit No. 15 of the National Rehabilitation Institute (INR), known as the Convent Prison (Cerro Largo), tried to bring drugs into the prison by hiding it inside a ball. According to local journalist Silvia Techera, cell phones were also found inside the ball.

Authorities noticed the incident while inmates were playing soccer inside a jail facility. At a certain moment, they threw the ball outside the perimeter fabric area and, going to look for it, they put another one in.

Noticing that there was something strange, the agents decided to check the ball, which had an irregular weight. Upon examination, the officers found 2 kilos of marijuana, as well as hashish, cocaine, cell phones and telephone chips.

This Wednesday, two inmates were scheduled to testify before the Cerro Largo 1st Shift Prosecutor’s Office.

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