Injured from the Casigua El Cubo fire recover satisfactorily

Injured from the Casigua El Cubo fire recover satisfactorily

The charred bodies of the family whose house caught fire in Casigua El Cubo, are in the process of being identified by the Cicpc Forensic Medicine, as they still remain in a funeral home in this town.

“This procedure can take up to three more days, and then proceed to hand them over to their relatives, so they can be buried,” he explained to Last News, Wuyhsmans González, mayor of the Jesús María Semprum Municipality.

Once this procedure is completed, “the institution will ensure that they have a decent burial, in the midst of this tragedy that impacted the community.”

“So far we have supported what they have required. As for the injured: Didier González, firefighter officer, who had third degree burns on 30% of his body and Keiner Navarro, 16 years old, with first degree burns on his body, both are stable and out of risk, according to the report of the doctors who treat them in the Burns Unit of the Central Hospital of San Cristóbal, which is the closest point of reference to Casigua El Cubo, for this type of serious cases, ”explained the mayor.

The first Municipal authority said that it designated a team to guarantee the necessary attention to the survivors; which is satisfactory so far.

He explained that the wounded were transferred to Táchira because the Hospital Coromoto de Maracaibo is 5 hours away, while the one in San Cristóbal was only 2 hours away. .

“There is good news about Keiner Navarro, who has evolved well with treatment and it is possible that he will be discharged in 48 hours, his burns are minor; while Didier requires a longer hospital stay, ”he added.

More case details

On Friday, July 22, the fatality was present in the home of the family of municipal firefighter Didier González. Everyone was sleeping when at approximately 3 am an explosion caused an impact in the Santa Lucía sector and the fire consumed the house.

This moving story was made by the neighbors, who still sleepy came out of their houses to try to help.

In the event 11 people were affected, six of them from a family nucleus and the other remaining were visiting. Among the deceased is a pregnant woman who had come to Casigua El Cubo to give birth. Only firefighter Didier González and Keiner Navarro managed to get out of the event with severe burn injuries.

When a total of 27 officials from the Casigua El Cubo and Colón Fire Department, Civil Protection, Municipal Police, PNB, Cpbez, GNB, Sebin, Cicpc and the Forensic Medicine unit arrived at the scene; the flames had spread throughout the house and inside were the charred bodies.

There are only hypotheses of the facts

The Santa Lucía sector is eight years old, it is not yet consolidated in its basic public services; the houses were built with boards and zinc; There it is customary to cure the wood by fumigating it with diesel oil, to avoid termites, but this product favors the flames; which is one of the elements to take into account in the investigations.

According to Mayor González, there is a probability that they had stored fuel and that the fire could have been caused by a falling candle or by a short circuit in the air conditioning.

«They are all hypotheses that are evaluated; while the house continues to be protected, to gather all the pertinent investigations that contribute to clarifying this tragic case, “said the mayor.

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