Heridos por protestas se elevan a 36; reanudan enfrentamientos en Perú FOTO: FUENTE EXTERNA

Injured by protests rise to 36 and clashes resume in Peru

Juliaca (Peru), (EFE).- Those injured by the protest demonstrations in Peru They rose to 36 people this Saturday, while clashes with the National Police resumed in the vicinity of the Juliaca airport, in the southern Andean region of Puno, on the border with Bolivia.

According to the last report of the Ministry of Health of Perushared on Twitter, there are 36 people hospitalized as a result of the demonstrations in recent days, of which 34 are in Puno, one in the Arequipa region and another in Apurímac.

“All patients receive permanent medical care,” the ministry said, adding that five people have already been discharged in Lima, Arequipa and Junín.

Likewise, the ministry denounced that an ambulance from the Melgar Health Center in Puno was attacked by protesters, while it was going to the Carlos Monge Medrano Hospital with three wounded, and that the vehicle was rendered inoperative.

In Juliaca, one of the most populated cities in Puno in Peruthe protesters tried again this Saturday to take over the airport facilities, which on Friday closed its operations temporarily due to the protests, according to Efe at the scene.

The Police fired tear gas at the demonstrators and made some arrests to regain control of the perimeter of the air terminal.

However, the protesters, who are calling for the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the closure of Congress, remain in the vicinity of the Inca Manco Capac airport in Juliaca with pickets and burning objects.

In the protests last December, several airports in the south of the country had to suspend their operations due to the entry of protesters into their facilities and the destruction of instruments.

The National Police deployed in Puno, with the support of the Armed Forces, has liberated this Saturday several sections of the roads that had been blocked by the protesters.

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