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Inheritance: Dispute for assets of companies to judicial spheres

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Inheritance: Dispute for assets of companies to judicial spheres

The Public Ministry is investigating a striking case that led to the transfer of a pool of companies and other assets under suggestive maneuvers that includes an alleged illegal marriage and allegedly adulterated documentation in both Paraguay and Argentina, involving Lourdes Gómez and her then partner, José Palacios, and which has as its epicenter the share control of the well-known land transport company Yacyretá, one of the leaders in the south of the country.

It is a story with the edges of a novel executed by a Paraguayan family, began commenting the lawyer of who claims to be the legitimate wife of Palacios-the Argentine citizen Lilia Valsecchi-César Martínez Telléz, in conversation with radio Ñanduti.

It turns out that in 1999, who already had a conjugal partnership began his business career in Paraguay. Later he had the Paraguayan citizen, Lourdes Gómez, as a partner, who finally, together with her brothers, were left with the result of the investments made by the Palacios-Valsecchi couple, under presumed forged documents, always according to Telléz.

Lourdes Gómez, who disputes the share control of the well-known land transport company Yacyretá.

Years passed and Gómez apparently married Palacios, who was much older in brackets, with the aim of integrating the figure of the conjugal community and thus being able to dispose of the assets.

The new couple began to show themselves as such not only in the family sphere, but also in the commercial sphere. “The wife (Valsecchi) upon finding out about her, she intimates him via collation so that he stops disposing of the assets of the conjugal community,” she said.

Continuing the story, he mentioned that in 2003, Palacios and his new partner (Gómez) go to Clorinda, Argentina to get married. The question is: taking into account that both of them were aware that Palacios was already there, why did they carry out the plan, Telléz wondered.

Thus, before the eyes of the Paraguayan market, the new marriage is presented and they begin to exclude the original wife and Palacios himself to transfer all the assets, including several companies, for a total amount valued today at US$ 7 million, informal.

In 2017, Gómez and Palacios remarried, but this time in Paraguay, allegedly adulterating records stating that Palacios is divorced, presenting a judgment from a previous marriage of Palacios, with Nilda Benítez. “to consummate the spoil.”

Finally, Palacios was excluded from all the assets, having a sad end almost in abandonment, always according to Telléz.

The case is in the hands of prosecutor Óscar Delfino, whom we will consult about the evolution of the investigation in future editions.

For his part; Lourdes Gómez, who is grieving, preferred not to comment for the moment on the guy who very kindly requested that her pain be respected.

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