Infotep training promotes entrepreneurship

Infotep training promotes entrepreneurship

The impact of the National Institute of Vocational Technical Training (Infotep) transcends the barrier of preparing professionals to meet the country’s business demand. Their training forms the basis for new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

The celebration of the 42nd anniversary of the foundation of the Infotep It was the stage for businessmen and professionals to express their gratitude to the training center for directing them to achieve their goals.

Máximo Santos is the owner of the Mecánicas Extremas workshop, a center specializing in competition vehicles with which he has been able to cover his family’s economic expenses and stand out in the automotive sector with quality work, being a benchmark for his work.

Unlike Santos, who sought training in a specific area to offer services, Huascar Jimenez Pichardo decided to enroll in Infotep to expand his knowledge in different areas that led him to insert himself in the automotive area.

Jiménez detailed how his technical knowledge led him to go through different areas of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), where he continued studying, and currently works as economic consultant of the International department.

Another story of socioeconomic impact is that of José Andújar, president of the company Solo Volk’s, a vehicle repair shop. He specified that his beginnings in the center was the same as that of others who enroll without imagining the scope of the technical training.

He said that he learned mechanics and other topics related to professionalism and diversification, which has allowed him to become president of a company that recruits students from the Infotep to give young people the opportunity to enter the labor market.

The three professionals are part of the 3,400,000 people who have been trained at Infotep during the four decades of its foundation.

The director of Infotep, Raphael Santos, highlighted the achievements and also the challenges of the institution that has issued more than 10 million certificates and has offered 585,028 courses or training activities. Of this amount, the number of female participants amounts to 5,837,892 and that of men to 5,143,892.

Dominican journalist specialized in economics and finance, graduated from the Universidad Dominicana O&M.

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