Infotep serves 9,478 MSMEs in the last 2 years

Infotep serves 9,478 MSMEs in the last 2 years

The Professional Technical Training Institute (Infotep), via the Business Services departments of the different Regional Directorates, has met the demand for training and training services from 9,478 micro, small and medium-sized companies in the last two years.

This information was released by the director of Infotep, Rafael Santos, who stated that they are working to strengthen the productive fabric of the Dominican Republic.

“We are aligned with the strategies of the Central Government to improve the profitability and productivity of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and this exercise of seeing what impact we have had in the last two years shows that we are on the right track,” explained Santos Badía.

For these training actions, 142 thousand 647 certifications have been issued, delivered in the period August 2020 – May 2022. In that interval, through the Departments of Business Services, Infotep has served 1,279 microenterprises, 2,961 small companies and 5,238 medium-sized.

By type of company, the governing body of vocational technical training in the country has trained 21,980 participants through micro-enterprises, 42,307 participants in small companies and 78,360 participants in medium-sized companies.

It was reported that together with the Business Competitiveness Directorate, the Innovation and Development Directorate is applying the fourth phase of the Program to Improve the Quality and Productivity of MSMEs, for the benefit of 12 companies and the training of six new SME advisors to guarantee the sustainability of the program.

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