'Influencer' from Cali accused of assaulting his partner, will denounce her for slander

‘Influencer’ from Cali accused of assaulting his partner, will denounce her for slander

The content creator Johan Camilo Bello, accused of physically assaulting his sentimental partner Valentina Quintero, reported through his social networks that he hired a lawyer to defend himself against what he called slander.

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The ‘influencer’ specified that your agent will demonstrate, before the respective authorities, that what his girlfriend said is false.

“We inform public opinion that we assume the defense of Mr. Johan Camilo Bello, against Mrs. Valentina Quintero for the conduct of false denunciation, in competition with procedural fraud and libel. Together with a multidisciplinary group as psychological experts, It will be demonstrated before the respective authorities thatthat Valentina is not telling the truth, and this entails legal consequences and complaints mentioned above,” reads the statement.

The young man also dstated that he has received threats against him and his family through social networks.

“To how they touch a member of my family for that gossip that the law is going to clarify. Immediately there is an arrest warrant for those you defend. Do not get involved in things that can be solved in court“, he wrote on his Twitter account.

The facts

The controversy broke out after Valentina Quintero will publish photos and videoswhere I know look at his battered face and busted lipafter the alleged aggression of the ‘influencer’.

However, what most caught the attention of Internet users was hearing in one of the audiovisual records, how, apparently, Johan Bravo says that she burst her lip with her cell phone.

On the other hand, Valentina also published WhatsApp screenshots where she reads how, in several messages, the content creator he asks for forgiveness.

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Finally, the authorities assure that, up to now, The woman has not filed any complaint.

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