Inflation, lack of inputs, climate change and crime cause shortages

Inflation, lack of inputs, climate change and crime cause shortages

“You buy what you eat every day. Here, the king of the hill is the grocery store, now it has become the essential supply channel for daily consumption.”

Therefore, the strategy for small businesses is that the 24 products of the Package against inflation and shortages, implemented by the federal government, exist in one place, at all times and that suppliers commit to supplying small businesses , estimated Cuauhtémoc Rivera, in a call to avoid shortages of these products.

In addition, it indicates that people not only consume reduced presentations, but also generic products at a lower price, but with poorer quality. In the end, inflation passes the bill to the final consumer, because although they can maintain a minimum basket of goods, they do so at the mercy of losing the quality of what they eat or use.

Insecurity, another push for scarcity and inflation

Both the National Alliance of Small Businesses and the Lasallian expert consider that insecurity is another element that contributes to the scarcity of some products, as well as to inflation, indirectly. It does so through extortion of producers (floor collection) and also through the effects on supply chains caused by organized crime.

As an example, they gave the recent attack on a chicken farm in Petaquillas, Guerrero, which resulted in the death of six people, including the owner and his minor daughter. This caused the closure of at least 34 chicken shops in Chilpancingo. Days before, at least two other people related to the sale of chicken in the ‘Baltazar R. Leyva Mancilla’ market were also killed by alleged members of organized crime.

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