INE will contemplate a popular consultation in resources of 2023

INE will contemplate a popular consultation in resources of 2023

The General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) created the Temporary Budget Commission 2023 in order to prepare the draft Budget of the Institute for Fiscal Year 2023, when in October of that year the presidential succession process will officially begin.

The Commission will be chaired by the counselor Beatriz Zavala, and integrated by Norma De la Cruz; Carla Humphrey; Ciro Murayama Rendon; Jaime Rivera Velazquez; Party representatives will also have a voice.

The president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, assured that the budget of that body for next year should contemplate the holding of elections to renew the governorship in two states in June 2023 (State of Mexico and Coahuila); the possibility of calling a Popular Consultation and, thirdly, the start in October 2023 of the largest electoral process in history.

“I am referring to the 2024 elections where not only will all the elective positions at the federal level be renewed, but we will also have the largest turnout. In 2024 we will have the largest Electoral Register —which continues to grow—, therefore, the highest number of potential voters, as well as the largest number of elected positions in dispute in our history.

“These are three specific functions that transcend the ordinary functioning of this institution that will have to be duly contemplated in the budget that this Institute will have to prepare,” Córdova specified.

After Morena and her legislative allies cut resources to the INE for this year, Councilor Carla Humphrey stressed that “in a social and democratic state of rights, like ours, budgets are an expression of republican commitments and convictions with strict compliance of the Constitution and the legal framework of the matter”.

The Temporary Budget Commission will be extinguished, following a report to the General Council, upon approval of the Budget for Fiscal Year 2023, established for the National Electoral Institute by the Chamber of Deputies.

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