INE advisors: electronic voting must be gradual, progressive and reliable

INE advisors: electronic voting must be gradual, progressive and reliable

Councilor Adriana Favela supported that the gradual and gradual implementation of the electronic vote must guarantee “the trust and credibility of the electoral results”, at the proposal of the representations of the political parties.

“I think so, electronic voting can be the great solution, obviously taking care of all the security locks so that what we have already won in Mexico is not lost. By itself, no system is 100 percent secure, neither on paper nor electronic, but the conditions must be created for the security of the systems”, he commented.

Political parties share perspectives on electronic voting

“Hurrying to implement electronic voting, without resolving doubts of confidence and without building a solid political consensus, can generate a democratic crisis greater than any other we have experienced,” warned PAN deputy Humberto Aguilar Coronado.

This consensus, he trusted, will be achieved to the extent that the results of the exercises carried out by the INE generate high levels of citizen confidence.

“The premise of certainty depends on the quality of the technology we use, on the ability to create a 100% efficient system; trust depends on politics and that is where we have to work. We have to rely on a technological commitment that changes and gives greater certainty to our elections at a lower cost”, considered PRI senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín.

For the PT deputy Pedro Vázquez González, the proposal to modify article 35 of the Constitution has the purpose of implementing electronic voting, in order to make the electoral system more efficient.

“Our initiative seeks its execution in a gradual manner and proposes a transitory so that it is in the intermediate election of 2027 when the INE carries out a large-scale sample for the instrumentation of electronic voting,” he explained.

“It has been shown that electronic voting has all the international standards that show that it is a safe, efficient modality and that it grants certainty to both citizens and other political actors. Although the road is long, we are going the right way, ”said the deputy Karen Castrejón, from the PVEM.

The deputy Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, from MC, estimated that the challenge in the implementation of electronic voting is “to transfer the trust that the INE has given”: “In Movimiento Ciudadano we believe that we must go through the tools that guarantee the care of nature , the guarantee, the certainty and the tranquility of the voter”.

On behalf of Morena, the deputy César Agustín Hernández Pérez, maintained that “electronic voting is a means to reduce costs and have complete results on the same day of the elections, something that is impossible with the current counting model. In addition, it allows people to exercise their vote from anywhere in the world and expands the ways of exercising the right to vote”.

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