Sala del Agua del INDRHI

INDRHI Water Room

The Water Room of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI)located in building II of that organization, in the Centro de Los Héroes (La Feria), has become a must-visit place for students and other people interested in knowing the importance of the water for human survival.

This time that room received a visit from the administrators of the Dominican Republic Children and Youth Library (BIJRD), led by its director Alicia Baroniwho made the tour motivated by the educational value of that place and with a view to fostering ties between both entities to amplify the work of raising awareness about the proper use of water.

There they received explanations from experts on the management and use of water, essential for life. During the tour, directed by the person in charge of the Water Culture Program, Jorge Mananwere able to interact on the water cycle, the functionality of the reservoirs in our country, in addition to sharing anecdotes and exchanging recommendations for strengthening educational work.

Aquino Gonzalez dies

The agricultural engineer Carlos Aquino Gonzalez, one of the Dominicans who has made the most contributions to national agricultural production, died last Tuesday in the United States. It is not yet known when they will bring their challenges to watch over them and give them a Christian burial.

That distinguished Dominican was director general of the Inter-American Institute of Cooperation for Agriculturewas Minister of Agriculture, president of the Dominican Agribusiness Board, among others.

Rafael Ledesma remembers that Don Carlos, together with specialists from Texas A&M University, in the USA, were the ones who examined the young people who went to study at that University. In addition, he was the one who coordinated the activities that we carried out over 100 students at Texas A&M.

Two 4-year terms

During Aquino González’s 8 years at IICA, that Institute strengthened its relationship with the private sector and undertook a process of modernization and decentralization.

Regional Centers were established in each region in order to promote differentiated strategies according to the characteristics of each one. He promoted four areas of concentration: Socioeconomic Policy, Trade and Investments; Science Technology, Natural Resources and Production; Agricultural Health; and Sustainable Rural Development.

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