Independent film from Cuba awarded at the Cannes World Festival

He Cuban film The Waitby the young filmmaker Daniel Ross Diéguez, won the gold statuette for Best Drama at the Cannes World Film Festival.

This is the first fiction feature film made in the province of Guantánamo, which was produced standalone mode.

The news was confirmed by the filmmaker himself on his Facebook profile, in a publication in which he described his work as “a 100% Guantanamo product made with my friends and local talent.”

According to the young artist, his film explores “solitude and routine, the loss of what once was important to us and how life makes us painful.”

About The Waiting, Ross Diéguez has explained that he deals with the life of Regino, a man who was widowed and who cannot resist living without his wife.

“He is traumatized, but he is fighting depression and the possibility of losing his memories of his beloved; he is constantly after salvation from her lonely, pain-filled existence. This sometimes leads him to consider suicide”, commented the director.

in interview For the website of the Hermanos Saíz Association, the director pointed out that his objective is to make visible and expose his art to the world and show how a cinema with low resources is carried out from Cuba, but very rich when it comes to telling stories that entertain They educate and excite.

The material, which was launched at the Yale Latino and Ibero-American Festival in the United States last November, is the first film in which the actors, soundtrack and stories are from Guantanamo.

Ross Diéguez filmed with his own financing and with the contribution of all the participants in the work.

The Cannes World Festival is held in the French city of the same name, known for hosting another film event, the Cannes Film Festival, considered one of the most important of its kind in the world.

The appointment that awarded the Ross Diéguez film is dedicated to independent cinema from all latitudes, announced by the IMDb cinema platform.

The second annual 2022-2023 ceremony will take place on June 16, when the winning ribbons in each category will be exhibited.

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