Indefinite CGTP strike does not have a green lightvv

Indefinite CGTP strike does not have a green lightvv

Yesterday, during the plenary session in which Digna Calle’s resignation from the second vice presidency of the Board of Directors was announced, some parliamentarians took the floor to request that the debate on the advancement of general elections to 2023 be resumed.

Those who demanded to reopen the discussion appealed to article 78 of the Internal Regulations of Parliament, which indicates that with half plus one of the legislators (66 or more votes) an already filed proposal can be reopened. Despite this, the president of Parliament, José Williams Zapata, said that it was not appropriate to reconsider the decision of the Constitution Commission to archive the Executive’s project on the advancement of elections.

On the other hand, Williams indicated that the benches have time until Friday to present their candidates to elect Williams’s replacement, but he did not agree to the request.

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