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Indaya and La Escalera, two settlements in Havana devastated by the rains

MIAMI, United States. — The heavy rains recorded in western Cuba have left considerable damage in several provinces, mainly in Havana, where low-lying areas and towns near rivers and streams were severely affected by the floods.

Indaya, a illegal settlement located in the municipality of Marianao where at least 50 families live, it was one of the hamlets hardest hit by the rains. Most of the houses ended up flooded, while the belongings of dozens of locals were swept away by the rising water.

The rains also filtered the makeshift roofs of the houses, a situation that is difficult to reverse for a village whose inhabitants survive in vulnerable conditions.

Nearby, in La Escalera, dozens of people were also victims of the rains. Some locals saw fit to put their most precious possessions to safety to avoid a major disaster.

According to the authorities, the rainfall has left two deaths, 111 landslides and 23 flooded areas in the capital, although it is unknown if settlements such as Indaya and La Escalera have been included in the official figures.

Information released by the Government of Havana indicates that of the 23 areas that suffered flooding, the most severe occurred in La Polar (municipality of Cerro), El Fanguito (Plaza de la Revolución) and El Pontón (Centro Habana).

Directors of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH) who intervened have indicated that between Friday and Saturday an average of 100 millimeters of precipitation fell on the capital, double the index considered as intense rain.

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