Increase in vaccination against Covid-19 is reflected in a decrease in cases, authorities say

Increase in vaccination against Covid-19 is reflected in a decrease in cases, authorities say

In the last week, almost 43,000 people completed the pending doses against covid-19, decreasing the dropout rates for the full scheme and the booster.

The director of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), Héctor Castro, informed IP that 16,837 received the second dose in the last week. The rate of people who received the first dose but not the second dropped to 11% with 451,806 pending.

As for the first booster dose (third dose), the dropout rate is 54%, with more than 1.5 million waiting to receive a new vaccine four months after the last dose.

Some 26,0922 people received the third dose in the last week, also reducing the dropout rate, Dr. Castro highlighted at the epidemiological update conference on covid-19.

As for the second booster dose, some 192,343 have already applied this vaccine.

For the second dose, the highest dropout rate occurs among children aged 5 to 11 years. For the third dose, the highest rate is in the range of 12 and 24 years, and those under 49 register a lower percentage with this vaccine.

Vaccination with a third dose increases immunity and decreases the risks of hospitalization against new variants of the virus, as an analysis of hospitalized patients showed, for which reason vaccination is urged four months after the last dose.

Slowdown in new cases
The director of Health Surveillance, Gullermo Sequera, informed IP at the weekly conference that the last week saw a 15% increase in new cases of covid-19.

This represents a slowdown compared to past weeks, which saw a more than 100% increase in new cases. However, there was an increase in hospitalizations, Dr. Sequera noted.

The number of hospitalizations exceeded 600 yesterday, Wednesday, and of the number of imports, around 10% enter intensive care, mainly among the population over 49 years of age.

Dr. Sequera also reported that of the new cases of covid-19 in the last week (14,991), 39% were reinfections, particularly of people affected by variants prior to “ómicron” of the respiratory virus.

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