Increase in spending hits health, but the sector remains

Increase in spending hits health, but the sector remains

The pandemic brought with it the commercial closure of some countries and this generated direct effects on the world economy, due to the difficult access to raw materials to produce. The health sector was no exception and was also affected by the phenomenon.

According to the Index of Producer Prices (IPP) of the Daynethe annual variation of medicines with a cutoff to February 2023 was 15.36%. Of other pharmaceutical articles it was 21.95%.

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But this is usually one of the protected sectors, because it is a fundamental right that must be guaranteed. In that sense, from Ministry of Health and Social Protection the prices of medicines are regulated forensure public access”.

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The foregoing made pharmaceuticals and other players in the sector take measures to not lower their profit margin so much and not affect users. Still, as the Dane mentions, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) shows that the monthly variation to February 2023 was 1.26% and the annual variation was 20.38%.

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From the figures, it can be concluded that users did see an increase in prices, but the cost hit was stronger.

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As for the EPSthe payments they make are defined by normativity. That is, for the Unit of Payment by Capitation (UPC)which is the annual value that is recognized by each one of the affiliates to the general system of social health security.

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From the entities that sell health plans, they mention that health plans have had significant increases, due to the impact of costs, but they have had to be adjusted internally so as not to generate such a negative impact on users.

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