Increase in number of structure and grass fires nationwide

A significant increase in structural and grass fires, in the first months of 2023, compared to the same period in 2022, reports the Meritorious Fire Department of the Republic of Panama (BCBRP), for which it called on the population to resume compliance with fire prevention measures.

According to the monthly report issued by the BCBRP Radio Control Section, in January and February 1,629 grass fires were responded to, of which 1,286 occurred in the month of February. In the same period last year, 1,583 grass fires were extinguished by firefighters.

The provinces most affected by the high incidence of grass burning are Panama, with 287 events; West Panama, with 278; Chiriquí, with 277 and Coclé with 248.

Another worrying statistic is that of structural fires, which increased by 27% compared to last year. In the first two months of the year there were 131 events of this type, 28 more than in 2022. The largest number of these occurred in the provinces of Panama (41), Chiriquí (17), Veraguas (14) and Los Santos, with 10.

During the months of January and February, the firefighters also attended 76 vehicle fires, five forest fires and three boat fires. Likewise, the control of Africanized bees continues to be the most attended emergency, with 1,831 exits.

The BCBRP reiterates to the community the fire prevention measures, as well as the importance of each citizen being their first line of safety.


  • Avoid burning as a way of cleaning batches.
  • Do not use fire for hunting animals,
  • Report this type of crime to avoid consequences that may endanger the physical integrity of people, surroundings, property, the environment, even life.


  • Never neglect burning candles.
  • When leaving the house, verify that the gas tap is closed.
  • Maintain electrical connections in good condition, which will be effective through a periodic review of the electrical system.
  • Avoid having material at home that easily spreads fire: gasoline, kerosene and gas.
  • When you smell gas in your residence, open doors and windows, avoid turning on matches, lights or using your cell phone, as any spark can start a fire.

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