Income product is what the small Paraguayan producer needs

Income product is what the small Paraguayan producer needs

I feel so much nostalgia at that time of white gold. It was a rental product where everyone had a job, the one who sowed, the harvester, the collector, the ginners that gave a lot of work, who else who had less money in their pocket.

The economy was moving, people bought everything: groceries, baked goods, appliances, school supplies, clothes, ere erea. Those who knew how to work saved and bought more work tools, more land, opened stores, but suddenly from the 90’s this is over, what happened?

  • With the fall of the Berlin wall (the USSR collapses), the cold war ends. Russia and China join the WTO (World Trade Organization) and they also produce cotton on a large scale. The higher the offer, the prices fall and we cease to be competitive.
  • The key to quality was our seed, the RVP279, which was harvested by hand, which meant that there was more contracted labor and the cotton was cleaner and of better quality. In fact, cotton was classified by its type of quality.
  • I don’t remember if it was at the time of General A. Rodríguez, a certain Minister of Agriculture Galanti supposedly sold our seeds to Argentina, almost in its entirety, and the government brought a new variety from the United States (Delta Paine) that was a total failure.
  • We began to lower the quality and quantity of production of kg x ha (average 1,500 kg per ha) while our competitors produced 5,000 kg x ha, as a result of the impoverishment of the soil (fallow). Other things were pink (cleared forest, rich in mulch). There was no soil recovery or production diversification program.
  • Today we need a new income item for the farmer to replace cotton (apart from cultivating an item for own consumption).

I let them think. This item could not be cannabis (marijuana). By legalizing it, it ceases to be illegal and with the quality of Paraguayan cannabis (de-monopolized) it can be a source of income for thousands of compatriots, especially for small producers. In several States of the United States they make a lot of money with this. Uruguay released him too. What do they say?

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