Incidents in Villa Francia: hooded men burned a public transport bus and a house was damaged

A group of hooded men burned a public transport bus on Tuesday night in the Villa Francia sector, in the Estación Central commune, Metropolitan Region. They also damaged a house, after throwing a Molotov cocktail. The events occurred within the framework of a new commemoration of the crime of Matias Catrileoassassinated by a Carabineros corporal in the Araucanía Region, in January 2008.

Regarding the first event, eight individuals stopped a RED bus at the intersection of Santa Corina and 5 de Abril, after 10:40 p.m. The group then forced the driver and passengers to get out. Later, they proceeded to burn the vehicle.

Video via Twitter: @Joanna__Paola

According to Radio DNA, from the Carabineros they indicated that there were launches of Molotov cocktails and shots. In fact, they affirmed that an official received a bullet shot in the helmet that she was wearing.

Firefighters from the Second, Third and Seventh Company of Cerrillos arrived at the scene and put out the fire.

Regarding the second event, a subject threw a Molotov cocktail at the corner of Las Luciérnagas and 7 de Octubre streets. The device started a fire in a house.

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