Inces will train more than two million Venezuelans in 2023

Inces will train more than two million Venezuelans in 2023

The National Institute for Training and Socialist Education (Inces) hopes to offer 197 new productive profiles and make available to the country some 120 training proposals that will be delivered online, on its virtual campus.

The project includes the care of more than two million 700 thousand Venezuelans.

Inces graduated from its classrooms this 2022, some 880 thousand 033 participants, of which 29 thousand 963 were attended from the virtual campus; however, the field of training, par excellence, was that of the conventional Educational Units, with a total of 430 thousand 596 young people prepared in different areas.

Likewise, the work entities were also an important scenario used by Inces, in the work of training and certifying a total of 86 thousand 862 workers, while in the Socialist Training Centers throughout the country, 206 thousand 678 were trained. people.


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