Inauguration of an office for the Joint Maritime Force of Panama

This Friday, September 16, the office that will house the members of the Joint Maritime Force of Panama was inaugurated, facilities that are intended for the standardization, training and strategic projection of the maritime interdiction units and means assigned to the CROAN and that execute operations against drug trafficking, illegal unreported unregulated fishing, humanitarian aid and search and rescue.

The inauguration was carried out by the Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, who pointed out that this project had the support of the United States Embassy as part of the development of strategies against drug trafficking and organized crime.

“Among the missions of the FMC-P, is the standardization of equipment and maritime doctrine of special boats, which allows the interoperability of the units of the different Estates of the Public Force”, indicated the minister.

This office is the main support arm so that the CROAN units can carry out an effective and efficient work during a maritime interdiction operation, since it implies that different means, both maritime and air, of the different Estates carry out persecution maneuvers. at sea, which requires effective communication.

In the Central American region, the Joint Interagency Task Force South of the United States maintains Panama as the country that “contributes the most” with maritime interdiction maneuvers in the seizure of drugs, which this year already reaches 89 tons.

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