Inaugura Observatorio de Buenas Prácticas   licitación obras Ceiztur

Inaugurates Observatory of Good Practices Ceiztur works tender

The Ministry of Tourism yesterday inaugurated the Observatory of Good Practices of the Executing Committee for Infrastructures in Tourist Zones (Ceiztur), to guarantee the compliance with Law 340-06on Public Procurement and Contracting.

Leading the event, the President Louis Abinader pondered the importance that citizens participate in the oversight processes of State institutions, after indicating that a culture of transparency and honesty is required to attract more investment and development.

“Investments are not going to come to a corrupt country, investments are not going to come where institutions are not respected; The investments are going to come where they are really respected, cared for and there is justice and where every penny is invested in a rational, transparent, efficient and honest way, ”he specified.

He said that the Dominican state is in a time of transition towards a government that wants do things the right way.

“Many people who are willing to collaborate, understanding that nothing is perfect, that they are going to encounter problems and the important thing is to deal with those problems appropriately to correct them. That is our intention in this government, to change that culture and I am sure that we are changing it”, he affirmed.

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Abinader congratulated the Minister of Tourism, David Collado for the initiative and stressed that this is the example that has to be given as a society, and what will allow having an institutionally strong country.

For his part, Collado stated that the Observatory’s fundamental objective is to guarantee compliance with Law 340-06, on Purchases and Hiring of Goods, Services and Worksin addition to achieving technological innovation and collaboration of Dominican academies in a public-private alliance.

He said that the initiative is a reaffirmation of the commitment to transparency.

“Since we arrived at the Ministry of Tourism, we have implemented President Abinader’s vision of a transparent administration that is close to the communities, and this observatory will incorporate the best practices into the bidding processes to select and ensure quality and optimal delivery times” Collado said.

Meanwhile, the administrative and financial vice-rector of Intec, Alliet Ortegavalued the work done through the oversight commission.

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