INAU and INISA workers' union reject Fulco's candidacy to the INDDHH

INAU and INISA workers’ union reject Fulco’s candidacy to the INDDHH

Gabriela Fulco, former president of the National Institute for Adolescent Social Inclusion (INISA).
Gabriela Fulco, former president of the National Institute for Adolescent Social Inclusion (INISA).

In the last few hours, the SUINAU issued a statement on the proposal by deputy Viviano to name Fulco as a candidate to join the INDDHH.

The union considers that with the proposal they are trying to “modify the criteria for the selection of the members of the Board of Directors of the INDDHH.”

They consider that “there are at least four articles of Law No. 18,446 that could be altered after this proposal, for the first time since the creation of the Institute, they are: article 2 (autonomy of the INDDHH), article 5 (scope) , article 36 (integration of the Board of Directors) and article 39 (proposal for said integration)”.

“There is an unnecessary alteration of issues such as autonomy that implies not receiving orders from any power; the scope of the possibility that the INDDHH has over all the powers of the State; the integration of its Board of Directors, which is aimed at reflecting a pluralistic representation of the social forces of civil society interested in the promotion and protection of human rights, in accordance with the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination; and the proposal of candidates, where it is established that social organizations authorized to participate in the extraordinary sessions of the INDDHH may propose candidates to the General Assembly, while parliamentarians may receive proposals and formulate a list of candidates”, details the union .

In this sense, SUINAU wonders if a member proposed by a politician will be able to work autonomously, and if this would not be a subjective limitation considering that the scope of the INDDHH includes the Legislative Power.

The union of workers of INAU and INISA affirms that “the Law is clear in that the proposal to integrate the Board of Directors of the Institution must come from social organizations, and that Parliament must order the list of candidates and consider them in the General Assembly system.

“Never before has it been necessary to point out that this is the exclusive task of social organizations. Such a delicate network of tasks as those carried out by the INDDHH cannot become a matter of partisan political dispute, and its integration can never be by quota, since its nature is different, very different from the role played by the political parties in our country. The more independence the members of the Council have, the better they will do their job”, is expressed in the statement.


“The credentials of the psychologist Fulco are well known by our union, and with respect, but also with crystal clarity, we say that her actions at INISA, with the staff and with the subjects of care, were dire, for which the sole proposal of legislator Viviano means an affront to us as a union”, expressed SUINAU.

It also states that “despite all the damage caused to the Institution and to the people linked to it, the Broad Front government at that time would have kept her in office.”

“It would be good to know what prestige it can bring to the INDDHH when, in 2019, it made public statements positioning itself in favor of installing compulsory military service for people over 18 years of age, as a measure of social inclusion,” he questioned. the INAU union.

At the same time, it proposes that “they reflect and resume the course of independence, autonomy and excellence when selecting those who will make up the Board of Directors of the INDDHH.”

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