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INATEC will pay 5.3 million córdobas for the “whim” of Camila Ortega Murillo

INATEC will pay 5.3 million córdobas for the "whim" of Camila Ortega Murillo

The National Technological Institute (INATEC) resolved to hire the services of three companies that will be in charge of the “didactic equipment” of the Nieves Cajina Center for the Development of Creative Talent, for more than five million córdobas, according to a resolution published this Wednesday, March 22, in the official newspaper La Gaceta.

The Center for the Development of Creative Talent stands on the building confiscated from the illegal Puntos de Encuentro Foundation, and is part of the whim that the vice president and government spokesperson, Rosario Murillo, has given to her daughter and personal assistant, Camila Ortega. Murillo, so that the young aspiring model, who in recent years has marketed herself as a motivator for entrepreneurs, has something to show herself beyond how she is seen on television carrying papers and scarves to her mother.

According to the award resolution number 12-2023 of the simplified contract number 03-2023, “the total amount of this contract is C$ 5,305,417.50 (Five million three hundred five thousand four hundred and seventeen córdobas with 50/100), which will be paid with funds 2% year 2023”, that is, with the contribution that companies make as part of the employer contribution to INATEC.

The companies awarded with the contracts

The contracts, as declared by INATEC in this resolution, will be distributed among three companies that will provide the services to equip the “toy” of the Ortega-Murillo daughter. The first is identified as commercial san josé, represented by Leila Josefa González Cordero, who will receive a contract “up to the sum of C$2,412,819.83 (Two million four hundred twelve thousand eight hundred nineteen córdobas with 83/100)».

A second contract will be delivered to Inversiones y Desarrollo Comerciales, SA (INDECO, SA)represented by Violeta Auxiliadora Centeno Jiménez, “for complying with the request in Lot 4 up to the sum of C$1,092,047.67 (One million ninety-two thousand forty-seven córdobas with 67/100)».

The third awarded company was Comercial Rodríguez, represented by Verónica Patricia Rodríguez Díaz, “for complying with the request in Lots 3 and 5, up to the sum of C$1,800,550.00 (One million eight hundred thousand five hundred and fifty córdobas net)».

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In the official publication, INATEC justifies the hiring to “guarantee adequate conditions, contribute positively to the ability and concentration of students and once again restore the right to education with dignity and quality; so that the protagonists make use of the complementary, specialized training offer, master classes, conferences, workshops in face-to-face and virtual modality in the Commerce, Hotel Service, Tourism and Industry Sectors”.

Inauguration of the National Center for the Development of Creative Talent.

This is the second official publication of INATEC in less than a week, for the destination of millionaire funds for this center owned by Camila Ortega. On March 17, according to another resolutionthe government institution had already approved a first tender for “C$ 1,210,513.00 (One Million Two Hundred Ten Thousand Five Hundred and Thirteen Córdobas Net) VAT included” for the same center, which was ordered in favor of the company “Tercero Comercial & Compañía Limitada” , according to the official publication.

On that first occasion, INATEC ordered “urgent attention to the equipment of adequate educational and administrative furniture, to contribute positively to the capacity and concentration of students and to restore once again the right to education with dignity and quality; to guarantee the prompt inauguration of the “Nieves Cajina National Center for the Development of Creative Talent”, scheduled for the month of March 2023».

Adding the two equipment orders and approved tenders, INATEC would be paying a total, for now, C$6,515,930.50 (Six million five hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred thirty córdobas with 50/100), which will come from the resources of the Nicaraguans and from the contributions that private companies do to support the National Technological Institute.

In her inauguration speech, Camila Ortega was full of thanks to her mom and dad for this new “gift” and the “will” to “invigorate creativity, design, innovation, with aspects that today in Nicaragua allow us to achieve our dreams and our full fulfillment as individuals. The decorative mayoress of Managua, Reyna Rueda, also participated in the event.

Puntos de Encuentro produced the television series Sexto Sentido, which was awarded several international awards for its promotion of human rights. The NGO was canceled on May 18, 2022, less than a year ago, and its offices were taken over shortly thereafter.

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