Inadi ruled that there is gender violence in Grupo América

Inadi ruled that there is gender violence in Grupo América

They urge Grupo América to put “into practice a protocol to prevent and punish gender violence.”

The National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) issued an opinion on Wednesday affirming the existence of gender-based violence in Grupo América based on a Complaint of the group Periodistas Argentinas that accounts for labor mistreatment in the news production system, reported the agency.

In this sense, the Inadi, in a statement, identified “discriminatory conduct by the journalist Antonio Laje and of the multimedia Grupo América in which she works, given that through omission and misunderstanding she allowed the denounced acts of gender-based violence to occur.

The incident occurred in December of last year when complaints came to light from former colleagues of the journalist accusing him of workplace violence, which led the professional to deny it on his program.

According to Inadi’s opinionthe report of the complainants gives an account of “a dozen testimonies that refer to cases of labor and sexist violence in a particular TV channel, at the same time tracing an X-ray of the system.”

“Insults, humiliations, harassment, denial and ignoring of the word, degradation or loss of jobs constitute, among other inadmissible behaviors, practices that are part of the production paradigm of newscasts and television programs, newspapers, radios, web portals to the length and breadth of our country, both in public and private media”, assured Inadi.

The agency’s Victim Assistance Directorate issued a technical opinion statement stating that “The violent gender conduct of Mr. Laje and the complicity or acquiescence of the authorities and owners of the multimedia company in which he works.”

It also establishes a series of reparation recommendations such as “arbitrate the necessary means to avoid the continuation of reported behaviors, and that reprisals are not adopted against victims and complainants”

In addition, “it is urged that training on gender violence be established in order to avoid it in the future and achieve an acceptable standard in terms of women’s rights.”

Likewise, recommended to Grupo América, as a measure of reparation, “the establishment of segments on women’s rights to air on the morning news program.”

The Inadi advised that the outlet “approve and implement, in conjunction with union representatives, a protocol to prevent and punish gender-based violence” and that it create in the channel “a gender area to prevent this type of behavior “.

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