INABIE initiates plan to decentralize operations of its headquarters

INABIE initiates plan to decentralize operations of its headquarters

Santo Domingo.- The National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE), began a socialization process with which it launched the plan to set up offices in the interior of the country, beginning in the 18 educational regions, with the aim of making the services that reach the 1.8 million beneficiaries of the national public education system.

The initiative aims to decentralize the operations of the headquarters and approach the services provided in order to improve supervision and control.

In this sense, the executive director of INABIE, Victor Castro, He met with the governors of the 32 provinces of the national territory with whom he shared the installation plan for INABIE’s regional offices.

The official said that the integration of the governorates as a platform in the supervision of services, as well as a stage for various administrative procedures, is essential to ensure the well-being of students.

“It is very important for us to be able to resolve any situation that arises in an educational center in less than 24 hours and for this we need to have a presence in each educational region, we appreciate the support provided by the provincial governors to continue advancing towards the improvement of services that the students receive”, stated Castro.

Osvaldo Liria, Director of Food Management at INABIE, explained that each regional office will have a regional director, quality inspectors and student welfare promoters to streamline the quality of the different comprehensive food and health services that impact the Dominican school population.

In addition, the activity explained that with the decentralization of operations, the suppliers of the different programs that reside in areas far from the capital will be able to approach the regional offices to deposit files, request information and manage some services without having to travel to the headquarters of the institute.

In this activity they accompanied the director of INABIE Ocirema Caminero, chief of staff; Osvaldo Rafael Liria Pimentel, Director of Food Management; Anny Casado, Director of Human Resources; Luz Josefina Felipe, in charge of the Food Quality Assurance Department; Gerard Radhames De Los Santos Valdés, Director of Planning and Development, among others.

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