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INABIE expects to complete delivery of school kits by the weekend

INABIE espera completar entrega de kits escolares en el fin de semana

The executive director of the National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE), Víctor Castro reported this Wednesday that during the weekend he expects deliver 600 thousand school kits to students of the country’s public education system.

“We are only going to deliver 600 thousand kits. Only 600,000 students will receive uniforms, not the more than two million students, because that has always been established », he told the press.

Delivery of supplies begins with children of the Patria Mella SDE school

Víctor Castro added that for the 2023-2024 school year, INABIE intends to increase the number of beneficiariesuntil half of the student enrollment receives the kits.

He added that the same Are composed of a t-shirt, pants, a pair of shoes and socks, as well as a backpack containing notebooks, pencilsa pencil sharpener, an eraser and rulers.

In addition, he pointed out that the debts of the suppliers were paid, and even some have not gone to collect or complete the required documentation.

They donate school supplies in San Cristóbal

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