En tragedia terminó hospedaje de una pareja en un Glamping, el aire acondicionado se dañó y murieron asfixiados

In tragedy, a couple’s stay in a Glamping ended, the air conditioning was damaged and they suffocated

The painful outcome occurred when the couple was sleeping, it was in the municipality of Manta, Cundinamarca.

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A complete tragedy was the one that was registered during the last hours in a tourist zone of the department of Cundinamarca. A couple lost their lives while they were enjoying a day out at a Glamping.

The painful story, according to what was reported by loved ones of the deceased, took place in the municipality of Manta.

As confirmed to Blu Radio, Deisy Johana Riaño, sister of the victim, the couple had come to this area of ​​the region to participate in a sporting event.

The young woman accompanied her boyfriend who worked as a referee in a soccer game.

However, after staying at the glamping, the unthinkable happened.

Apparently a damage to the air conditioning ended up generating the emission of gases that intoxicated the young couple while they slept.

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“The air conditioning was in poor condition, they fell asleep and my sister fell asleep because what this gas does is make the person sleepy,” the woman initially told the capital media.

Then, he added that “the next day, they had to leave very early, it was 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and they did not go out. They went to see what happened, they had to break the glass, they found my sister dead and they found my brother-in-law dying.”

To the young He was transferred to a clinic in Bogotá, but unfortunately he also lost his life.

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