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“In the Military Service our children are threatened and treated as if they were dogs”

MIAMI, United States. – The Cuban Yulennys Martínez Pérez, mother of the young man from Camagüey Alexey Sosas Morales, denounced this Friday that the recruits of the Active Military Service (SMA) in Cuba were “treated as if they were dogs”.

In a post which has been shared hundreds of times, the woman lamented her son’s suicide attempts while complying with the SMA and the treatment he has received from the military leadership.

“While in the house he made an attempt on his life, he emptied a gas bullet into his body and I took the matchbox from him, the day after what happened I called the unit and reported what happened and nobody paid me any attention (…) . I went for the MRI [Región Militar] and I interviewed Colonel Columbié, who told me that he [el joven] He was not in prison because he only had 12 days left to discharge him,” said Martínez Pérez.

The woman also specified that upon leaving the military unit, they took her son and, “the next day, they put him in prison in the Prevention dungeons, and there he again attempted against his life (…). There the guards took him out and threatened him that they would beat him up if he did it again”.

Martínez Pérez also said that the next day the young man was transferred to the Psychiatric Ward of the Military Hospital of Camagüey, where he was able to visit him this week.

“He says that he is being threatened by the same military and [que] he is exploited like a dog to the point of wanting to commit suicide. Even so, at all these demonstrations, Colonel Columbié calls the prosecutor and tells him that the soldier had nothing, as if nothing was happening and that this was bullshit on the part of the soldier.”

“Do you think that suicide attempts are bullshit of a person?” The woman asked herself.


In addition, he denounced that Prevention transferred his son to the Military Hospital “handcuffed and guarded as if he were a murderer or a criminal” and that the military leadership has threatened to charge him with an attempt on his life.

Later, he specified that he has been trying for two years to transfer his son to a work unit where he can help his son and his partner.

“I ask for help please [sic] to all the mothers who are going through this, do not remain silent [sic]our children are threatened and treated as if they were dogs”, he concluded.

This Thursday, As a result of the death of several recruits sent to extinguish the flames of the fire at the Supertanker Base in Matanzas on August 5, hundreds of Cuban users began to demand on social networks the end of Active Military Service (mandatory for Cubans). men over 18) using the labels #NoAlServicioMilitarObligatorio and #NoAlServicioMilitarObligatorioEnCuba.

“Not only because the life of a young person is in danger at the hands of the military… Also at that time the most valuable energies are lost and dreams and desires are postponed that are at equal risk of being lost forever. #NoAlServicioMilitarObligatorio in Cuba”, tweeted the plastic artist Julio Llópiz Casal.

Although the Cuban State does not disclose information in this regard, reports of deaths during Active Military Service (SMA) are systematic. At the end of July CubaNet published an incipient database where the deaths of young people while complying with the SMA are recorded.

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