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In the Libertador de Caracas municipality, caravans were prohibited by graduation

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In the Libertador de Caracas municipality, caravans were prohibited by graduation

The student caravans were prohibited in the Libertador Municipality, in addition to other elements such as annoying noises, garbage out of place, drinking in the street, among others.

The Municipal Council of Libertador in Caracas approved on May 25 the ordinance “For citizen coexistence, civility and communal justice of the peace” in which, among other things, student caravans are prohibited to celebrate the end of classes or an early graduation.

Article 37 of the same expressly establishes that “student vehicular caravans are prohibited for the purpose of expression or celebration for the completion of classes or future graduation that they place in
risk the physical integrity of its participants, as well as that of third parties, that alter public order or affect the normal development of the customary activities of the inhabitants or passers-by in the Municipality. The police authority must immediately notify the Council for the Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents, in order to impose the Protection Measures that may apply and be delivered to their fathers, mothers, representatives or guardians. Without prejudice to the fine that derives from the corresponding traffic violation.

Likewise, parents of minors are warned that they may be subject to a monetary sanction equivalent to the payment in bolivars of 100 times the official exchange rate of the highest value currency set by the Central Bank of Venezuela or will have to do two community jobs among which are:

  • Clean, restore or paint schools or other public or private educational centers for a period of 20 divided hours.
  • Clean, restore or paint squares, ornaments and public places for 20 divided hours.
  • Clean, restore or paint health centers for 20 divided hours.
  • Clean, restore, or paint the headquarters of municipal public agencies for 20 divided hours.
  • Collaborate in soup kitchens and other organizations of the Libertador Mayor’s Office for 20 divided hours.
  • Carry out teaching activities, linked to the offense committed, in educational centers and depending on the degree of the offender, it can be up to eight divided hours.

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If you do not comply with community work, you must pay the fine. But if you fail to comply with both, the case goes to the jurisdiction of peace.

Any activity or process that exceeds the permitted tolerance levels, that causes inconvenience to the health of the population and disturbs the environment, is also penalized, putting the garbage out of the containers; the consumption of alcoholic beverages or gambling in public spaces; not picking up pet waste, among others.

The new regulation consists of 75 articles and seven general provisions that seek to “promote a culture of peace that fosters in society an awareness based on respect for human rights”, likewise, the current ordinance guarantees the enjoyment of public spaces and private destined to the development of the activities of the inhabitants and passers-by of the municipality.

This revolves around the protection of human rights, equality of law, tolerance, co-responsibility, recognition, due process, among others.

In addition, it allows citizens to be guided through ethics and civility, avoiding any action, omission or manifestation contrary to the public; respect for people and their property, preserving public order, avoiding disturbances and annoying noises.

The councilor and leader of Un Nuevo Tiempo in Caracas, José Gregorio Caribas, stressed that this ordinance was approved “without political bias” and clarified that the articles that prevented the right to protest or demonstration were eliminated, according to The universal.

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