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In the change of the military High Command, Arce speaks of “incapable of living together in democracy”

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In the change of the military High Command, Arce speaks of "incapable of living together in democracy"

November 1, 2022, 10:34 AM

November 1, 2022, 10:34 AM

President Luis Arce demanded this Tuesday, during the position of the new military High Command, the decided contest of the Armed Forces (FFAA) in the face of the threats of violence and confrontation that the country is experiencing.

This change of military command took place in the midst of the conflict over the census. Santa Cruz lives its eleventh day of unemployment in demand that the great national survey is carried out in 2023 and not in 2024, as decided by the Government with the enactment of Supreme Decree 4760.

The highest national authority recalled that it is the duty of the military institution to defend the national government, legally constitutedand warned that groups intend to reissue the events recorded in 2019.

According to Arce, “Bolivia is once again threatened by those who, unable to contribute to democracy, opt for confrontation and violence, endangering democratic coexistence among Bolivians.”

He also added: “Today they set in motion a strategy to repeat the 2019 coup d’étatthere is talk of marches to federalization, and others of a de facto process, and not as a result of a social pact to change our state for another, that is called an attempt against national integrity and the constitutional mission of the Armed Forces is to guarantee and defend the independence, unity and integrity of our territory.”

He recalled that the soldiers stood by the people in 2006, during the nationalization of hydrocarbons, although he regretted that some soldiers, three years ago, “were made to win, by the hatred and interests of those who see Bolivia as their hacienda”.

“It never hurts to remember that the place of the Armed Forces is within its people, who expressed their will to live together in peace and democracy, and whose obligation is to defend the legally constituted Government through the ballot boxas the only legitimate way to achieve leadership of the State”, stated the Head of State.

In his turn, the new commander of the Armed Forces, Hugo Arandia, compromised respect for the Government, responsibility and disciplineand the strengthening of bonds of trust with the rulers and the population

“As a gentleman and soldier, who wears the sacred uniform of the country, I express my commitment to comply with and respect the constitutional precepts, which will be executed through the following actions: the preservation of our territorial integrity, respect for the dignity of our inhabitants and for, above all, respect for the Government legally constituted and elected by the majority vote of all Bolivianswhich wants an inclusive country, sovereign in its determinations, but, above all, worthy”, he stressed.

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