En frontera Estado está ausente; población frustrada dice estudio

In State border is absent; frustrated population says study

The border region has been established as a population enclave, isolated from its respective national communities and sheltered from the informal economy, that is, not registered by government authorities and, therefore, without binational recognition.

The members of the state apparatus that they represent do not even have control of the territory under his responsibility, “hence the legendary porosity of the border line, its commercial informality and an inefficient hold on the territory with the sole exception of a few main population centers.”

However, the effective leading role of the mayors stands out Dominican pedáneos and their Haitian counterparts. “They are the legitimate political figure in dispersed, very low population density, interethnic and multiracial communities.”

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This situation is described in the exploratory study “The border, on foot and naked”by the anthropologist Fernando Ferrán, published in the bulletin of the Unit for Haitian Studies, of the Pontifical Catholic and Teacher University (Pucmm).

It indicates that public officials (Dominicans) exhibit a high turnover, “because they come and go at the patronage rhythm dictated by supra-regional political activity.

Another documented problem is the impossibility of having human resources trained in administrative functions, which increases the discomfort of the residents with respect to their servers and deepens the lack of control of the state gear over the territory.

The lack of personnel trained in administrative functions increases the discomfort of the residents and deepens lack of control.

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Violence is not characteristic

Regarding violence, he says it is not characteristic of border groups and, although violent acts are recorded, they are always within what is normally considered usual among individuals of any conglomerate, apart from those induced from outside the area by people and interests foreign to the locals.

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