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In September: 40,201 people in total unemployment insurance and 8,259 in partial

Regarding the types of unemployment insurance, it should be noted that the reduction occurs both in total unemployment insurance, which goes from 40,692 to 40,201 (-491), and in partial insurance, which is reduced from 8,517 to 8,259 (-258). .

The distribution between both types of unemployment insurance continues to stabilize. 83% corresponds to total unemployment insurance and 17% to partial, it was indicated.

The number of workers in total unemployment insurance registered in September 2022 is still significantly lower than the average number of workers in total unemployment insurance registered between 2015 and February 2020, whose average was 45,069 against 40,201 in this month, pointed out the Secretariat of Condition.

The number of workers who left unemployment insurance during the month of September was 10,701. This figure is significantly higher than the one registered in August (7,408) and is located in similar magnitudes to those observed in the months of June (10,409) and July (11,242).

On the other hand, 6,304 (58.9%) workers left due to reinstatement and 4,397 (41.1%) left due to dismissal. This distribution is quite similar to what has been recorded in recent months, although the proportion of those who rejoined increased slightly.

In turn, during the month of September 2022, 9,952 workers entered unemployment insurance, this means 3,298 workers less than in August. This figure is close to that registered in the month of July (8,926).

Of these, 4,612 (46.3%) entered due to dismissal, an identical figure to the previous month, while 5,340 (53.7%) entered due to reduction or suspension. This distribution is much more similar to that of the months of June and July than to that of August.

“The differences indicated confirm that, indeed, the situation in August was an exception, and that in September the trends that had been occurring in previous months were observed again,” he stressed.

Finally, by sectors of activity, it can be indicated that the fluctuations observed are minimal and a significant reduction only stands out in the health sector, where the number of workers with unemployment insurance fell by 621 people.

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