In punishment cell protester of July 11 in Artemisa

GUANTÁNAMO, Cuba,- The political prisoner and protester of July 11 (11J) Carlos Manuel Pupo Rodríguez, National coordinator of the Union for Free Cuba Party (PUNCLI) and managing leader of the Emilia Project, is in a punishment cell in the Kilo prison 5 and a half, in the province of Pinar del Río.

Yusef Pérez Morera, also a political prisoner of the 11J of Artemisa, member of the Emilia Project in San Antonio de los Baños, informed CubaNet that Pupo Rodríguez is found naked in the punishment cell, after being beaten in the aforementioned prison since last day. 4 of this month.

The prisoner was punished in the punishment cell on the same day in question by the head of the penitentiary center. They took him to the Internal Order office where they told him that he should dress in the regulation prison uniform.

The political prisoner refuses to wear that uniform, alleging, first, that he, like all those punished by 11J, is innocent, so he would not dress as a prisoner. Also for considering that this uniform that they are forcing him to wear is humiliating. The UN Mandela Standard, which dictates the treatment of inmates, requires that prisoners’ clothing must not be humiliating.

Carlos Manuel Pupo Rodríguez was sentenced in December to six years in prison for the alleged crimes of public disorder and contempt, for participating in the protests in July last year. The sanction was confirmed in the appeal trial held in April.

In the same month of April, the 11J protester had to be admitted to the Abel Santamaría hospital in the province of Pinar del Rio, after presenting health problems due to diabetes and hypertension.

In the month of May, he went on a hunger strike for 12 days, from the 18th to the 30th, demanding compliance with the Mandela rules inside the prisons and respect for the human rights of inmates and the freedom of all prisoners. political prisoners.

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