In Primero Justicia parish programmatic debate they ask for connection and inclusive government

In Primero Justicia parish programmatic debate they ask for connection and inclusive government

Primero Justicia (PJ) held this Saturday, March 18, 1,000 Parish Programmatic Congresses throughout the country. In Caracas, SuchWhich accompanied the president of the party, María Beatriz Martínez, on a tour of various points. The leader shared the audio in which Capriles, on a tour of Falcón, celebrated “a day to listen to our people, and in the future we have a deeply popular and inclusive government.” In Caracas the weight of the female leadership was felt

Primero Justicia (PJ) held this Saturday, March 18, 1,000 Parish Programmatic Congresses throughout the country. In Caracas, SuchWhich accompanied the president of the party, Maria Beatriz Martinez, in a tour of several points.

The activity was framed within the II Programmatic Congress that takes place after the organizational renewal of July 2021. In this first stage baptized as “First Justice Listen”the opposition awning has announced that it seeks to update its ideological framework and nurture the program of the candidate Henrique Capriles, as well as make it available to the Unitary Platform.

At 10:24 am, President Martínez together with leaders of the Libertador municipality led the procession that arrived at the May 1 sector in Santa Rosalía. On the way to the house where the parish discussion was held, some pedestrians said: “Long live Maduro!”

Minutes later, the leader warned about the emotionality and dedicated the Programmatic Congress to councilor Fernando Albán, assassinated in 2018 when he was detained at the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin).

After continuing the march, they came to a narrow and warm place where leaders of Primero Justicia and residents of the sector were waiting, with chairs arranged on both sides and a lot of kindness.

On a billboard, there were handwritten papers with some of the 14 questions designed by the Vice Presidency of Formation of the party in charge of Paola Bautista de Urbaneja. Within the questionnaire, the questions pointed to to know the current situation of PJ, the challenges that the party currently has; why they belong to the organization; what is a political leader in Venezuela and the needs of the area.

María Beatriz Martínez highlighted that the goal of the Programmatic Congress is to listen to the people: «I want to ratify this to the neighbors, to whom we want to listen. The leader mentioned the communication difficulties in Venezuela and asserts that they are part of a strategy so that we cannot unite and listen to each other.

The leadership of Primero Justicia in Santa Rosalía is in the hands of a woman, as was seen at various points along the way: Katherine Croquer.

Croquer emphasized that the entire team is on the same level and that the hierarchy is only for accountability. «This is the first congress to be able to listen to each other, this is my heart, the heart of all the vigilantes, I promise everyone that the next congress will be at the Poliedro, and to deliver a plan to our candidate.

After this, María Beatriz Martínez pointed out that the programmatic discussion “is a commitment between all to have daily solutions and materializes in a government plan that is applied.”

Next, the President of PJ shared the audio in which Capriles, on tour in Falcón, celebrated the realization «For a day to listen to our people, listen to proposals and in the future we have a deeply popular and inclusive government. Forward, always!”

At this point, the stay was quick, but before continuing the march, the President of Primero Justicia was surprised by a neighbor who dedicated a bolero to her. The leader took her hand and, smiling, said that she was wrong to think that this Saturday’s debate would be at the rhythm of salsa.

The next point visited, around noon, was the El Valle Programmatic Congress, which took place in a room inside a gym. Walking through the exercise machines, Martinez smiled and said: “This is a game that is in shape.”

In Primero Justicia parish programmatic debate they ask for connection and inclusive government

In the place, a neighbor referred to the problems of water and electricity, which was later ratified by the vice president of Primero Justicia in the parish, Gladys Rodríguez. Another neighbor, who said he belonged to the ruling PSUV party and lived in the San Antonio de El Valle sector, He assured that the only thing he does not have is internet.

First Justice in La Vega

The clock said 1:00 pm when the tour led by the President of Primero Justicia, and after a while of heavy traffic and green roads, arrived at an apartment in the Los Mangos sector of La Vega.

There, María Beatriz Martínez insisted on listening and that the proposals will be systematized for the Municipal and Regional Programmatic Congresses, as well as the national one.

The teacher Natasha González took the floor: “Grateful that they listen to us as a community, I express my commitment to Primero Justicia and the confidence in the people who live looking for sustenance for our families. As a teacher, we feel that Venezuela must change from the union, there are children who faint because they do not have food or cannot go to school because of the ticket. I don’t want to leave the country because I want a change.”

A man over 70 years old, Eustacio Valdemar, asked “to change the ideology, no more Messiahs should come here.” He says that to have “a beautiful country” you have to help those below, while he condemns the government that expropriates and scares away investment.

The weight of Capriles

The final point of the tour with the media, in the early hours of the afternoon, was at the Antímano Drivers Association. In the living room there was air conditioning, with which there were a few minutes of rest from the Saturday heat. A leader showed a list and said that there were 30 people, but several left after concluding the programmatic debate.

Yoselin Millán, coordinator of the Fe y Alegría school in Antímano, reported that “There is a lot of fear on the part of the citizens, I would love for Capriles to know that we trust him, there is hope, and it is him. We have latent faith. We have to go out because we have children. Nobody is going to go out and leave those children alone, the groups threaten people, the government works on that fear.

He added that the desire is “to return to us that security that we had, the rulers must be empathetic with us, not forget. May the government that will be represented by Capriles Radonski govern for all.

For his part, Ramón Hernández, a Mamera taxi driver, clarified that he is from Acción Democrática and called for confronting the government like a boxer: “I do not criticize the rich, I criticize the poor who do nothing to get out of their situation.” Another neighbor said that in Antímano the water, gas and toilet fail. He asked to fight: “First you have to ride the man (Capriles) and then it’s solved.”

The journalists asked Mariela Mejías, PJ’s electoral chief in the area, about the course of the programmatic questions. She recounted that the organization is clear: “First and foremost it is a party that is for justice, as its name indicates. Within our capacity we give immediate answers, we are leaders, we like to help and we are a great family”.

He also referred to one of the questions about what would happen if the Unitary Platform candidate were from PJ, Mejías answered with confidence: «First do justice, justice that is not revenge. Here you have to do as Mandela did in South Africa, call everyone and reach a consensus. We are open to dialogue.”

María Rodríguez, who was the moderator of the Programmatic Congress in Antímano, said that the main doctrine of the organization is centrohumanism. «From there we leave. The humble, poor people of the neighborhoods are the starting point for us to start, not only giving answers to their needs, but also giving them confidence. In Primero Justicia what we want is union, concordance, regardless of the candidate who is of whatever color he is.

Mejías spoke again and assured that if Henrique Capriles wins the primaries and that is the candidate he will have the “weight” to fight for his political disqualification to be lifted. “Both nationally and internationally there will be pressure and negotiation,” he concludes.

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