In Paysandú, a textile enterprise received an industrial machine for leather manufacturing

In Paysandú, a textile enterprise received an industrial machine for leather manufacturing

On this occasion, the beneficiaries belong to areas such as mechanics, textiles, carpentry and bookstores.

The deputy director of Strategic and Sustainable Development, Manuel Appratto recalled that the PIP allows small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, after registering at the CEPE offices, “to receive funds for the purchase of tools, machinery and also office equipment”, it is say “whatever they need” to reinforce the operation of the activity they carry out.

On this day, five enterprises received tools and equipment for approximately 150,000 pesos.

A textile venture headed by women received an industrial machine for leather manufacturing, while a bookstore incorporated a photocopier and printer, and the managers of a carpentry shop in Guichón annexed tools for their activity, while equipment was delivered to the owners of a mechanical workshop by Lawrence Geyres.

Appratto considered that this program constitutes “a very positive tool”, because the beneficiaries can repay the amounts with great flexibility and thus give sustainability to the revolving fund, which in turn allows reaching more entrepreneurs.

“It’s a good opportunity,” he said and urged to be attentive to the calls that are released from the CEPE.

In addition to the management and delivery of tools and machinery, CEPE carries out a support process aimed at enabling the beneficiaries to comply with their obligations and have more opportunities to strengthen their project.

The delivery took place at the Paseo del Mercado facilities, with the presence of Mayor Nicolás Olivera, the general secretary, Fermín Farinha, the CEPE coordinator, Virginia Schazembach and the manager of the Fairs Unit, Rodrigo Vercellino.

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