In networks they went to insult Pipe Bueno and Alzate, and it was not a fight, it was marketing for a song together

In networks they went to insult Pipe Bueno and Alzate, and it was not a fight, it was marketing for a song together

Pipe Bueno y Alzate, popular music singer.

The alleged grip between the two artists turned out to be a new theme song.

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The popular music singers Pipe Bueno and Alzate, had a supposed grab on social networks on account of money that the paisa made the caleño invest, a claim that went viral due to the way in which the two artists disclosed the problem.

The interpreter of ‘Cupid Failed’ He got angry about this and asked his colleague to cancel the money that “he had made him invest” and that had not generated any revenue for his coffers.

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Alzate replied that he had never stolen “a peso” in his life and that, on the contrary, it was Pipe Bueno who owed him more than the “chichigua” that the girl’s boyfriend had invested. ‘youtube’ Luisa Fernanda W.

All that crossing of words that many of his followers commented on their Instagram profiles, turned out to be a marketing strategy to play a new song, a song they recorded together.

The album is called: “The Problem”.

Through a video uploaded to both Pipe Bueno’s and Alzate’s Instagram accounts, the singers revealed that such a discussion was “something planned.”

“Parce, tell me how we solve the problem that you and I have?” Pipe Bueno asked Alzate in a “live”.

The artist replied: “The problem is that you are saying that I am a thief.”

Then Pipe Bueno made the revelation that all this mess with his colleague in the musical genre was due to the fact that they will finally premiere their song next Thursday, a theme that they have prepared for three long years.

Here are their statements:

For this confession, his followers reacted jocularly.

Some thought that the strategy they used to paste their new album was very good but that at the same time it caused them concern for all the things that were said.

Others simply already sensed that the supposed problem between the two was a new song that was about to be released.

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