In May, the pledge credit for zero kilometer cars increased by 44.3%

In May, the pledge credit for zero kilometer cars increased by 44.3%

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In May, 12,697 zero kilometer vehicles were financed through pledge loans, which meant a year-on-year growth of 44.3% and led to this type of purchase representing 35.9% of new car registrations, and in the accumulated An annual increase of 7.8% was registered, according to data from the Association of Automotive Dealers (Acara).

With regard to used vehicles, in the fifth month of the year 7,331 garments were registered, which marked an increase of 87% over the 3,921 of May of the previous year and allowed an accumulated improvement of 41.3% in the first five months of the year.

In this way, the document specified that In May, 20,028 pledges were registered whose pledged asset is a vehicle, of which 63% corresponded to pledges on zero kilometer (0km) vehicles and the remaining 37% were linked to used vehicles.

“The instrument most used by Argentine consumers continues to be the Savings Plan, since in May 6,852 garments were registered through this instrument (34% of the total number of garments and 54% of those registered over 0km),” the Acara report specified. that analyzes the pledge loan market in Argentina and its impact on the financing of new and used vehicles.

Regarding the financing of zero kilometers, in particular, the document highlighted that in the fifth month of the year, 35.9% of patents were financed against 38.4% in the same month of the previous year.

In the new car market, savings plans accounted for more than half of the market (53.9%).

For its part, regarding the used vehicle market, Acara pointed out that “so far this year, 34,831 pledges on used vehicles were registered, which represented only 5.4% of the total transfers in the period. They are banks are the most active in this market, since they represent 52% of all pledges”.

Regarding the business dynamics of each brand, it was observed that, in the accumulated figure for the year, Renault (57.7%), Fiat (52.3%), Peugeot (48.6%), and Volkswagen ( 46.8%) present the highest percentages of sales financed over the total patenting carried out by each company.

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