In La Colorada de Los Santos they have a new well of 80 gallons per minute

Some 45 families from the community of San Isidro, corregimiento of La Colorada in the Los Santos district, benefited from the donation of a new well with a flow rate of 80 gallons per minute.

In addition to the well, they received a turbine and a chlorinator for water treatment.

These implements and the well were donated by the Ministry of Health, which through the Regional Department of Potable Water and Sanitation Works (DAPOS-R), seeks to solve the water shortage faced by these families in that region of the country.

During the delivery, Dr. Ayvar Hernández, regional director of Health, highlighted the importance of proper use of water and the benefits in terms of hygiene and health.

José Espino, coordinator of DAPOS-R, reaffirmed the institution’s commitment to provide support with advice and accompaniment to the Administrative Boards legally organized (legal status) by the Ministry of Health. These are aqueducts that are not part of IDAAN and that are managed by the communities.

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