In July the electronic lottery begins in Panama

«In the month of July the first two games of the electronic lottery will be launched, which will be Loto and Pega 3, all at an electronic level and they will not play Wednesdays and Sundays, but will play on other days of the week, and it is That is why we ask the ticket holders to give us the opportunity to develop this initiative that will help not only the lottery income but also the ticket holders themselves,” said Publio De Gracia, Director of Income and Chairman of the Board. board of the National Charity Lottery (LNB).

The LNB’s board of directors decided to add an addendum to the contract that the institution had with an American company that develops electronic lottery and is present in 82 countries around the world, De Gracia stressed.

He added that the company is not being granted concessions, but that it will provide the Lottery with the technological platform for the development of electronic games and that the Lottery itself cannot implement.

He assured that in recent years the LNB has had a 30% decrease in sales of chances and tickets and much of this is due to generational change and another series of factors, because it cannot be ignored that the public wants to have another type of games, and what you want is to attract new players, mainly young people, who want to participate in legal lottery games and through the state, so you want to attract those who have left and another audience that wants to use electronic lottery.

He reiterated that it will not be the company that will be in charge of the games, but that it will simply provide the technological platform and it will be the LNB that will make the payment through its corresponding process and they will provide each ticket holder with an electronic unit so that they can sell .

He pointed out that the studies carried out show that the lottery in Panama is very positive compared to other countries, while in other countries it has been disappearing and that is why it is important to maintain the tradition.

The company will be committed to granting all the 14,000 ticket holders that exist in Panama the corresponding equipment to sell the electronic lottery, he stated, and with this it is hoped to end the bad practices of the married chance, one-two and others that is what they want buyers because it is a recurring complaint, the official reiterated, De Gracia concluded.

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