In its congress, the MPP made official the candidacy of Yamandú Orsi

In its congress, the MPP made official the candidacy of Yamandú Orsi

The Popular Participation Movement (MPP) made official the candidacy for the Presidency of the current mayor of Canelones, Yamandu Orsi.

The decision regarding the 2024 presidential elections took place this Sunday on the second day of the 11th congress of the Frente Amplio sector.

“Today we face a great challenge, which is to remove this government in the national elections of 2024because what we see hurts us, it hurts us that there are people who are left behind,” said the mayor in congress, according to the MPP Twitter account.

MPP Twitter

Orsi during his speech at the MPP congress

Last Saturday the 11th, the Artiguista side-the sector of the Broad Front that has among its ranks Fernando Pereira, Mariano Arana, Enrique Rubio, among others-, had decided to support Yamandú Orsi as pre-candidate for the Presidency in the next internal elections of 2024.

Former President José Mujica, historical leader of the MPP, on several occasions He has expressed his support for Orsi.

“I think that Orsi goes beyond the MPP, has been in the Canelones Municipality for many years and has its own personality. The MPP will support him, but Orsi is beyond the MPP. It is more open, it has less brick”said in Interview with The Observer in November 2022.

On that occasion, Mujica referred to the differences between the mayor of Canelones, and his co-religionist, the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse.

It seems to me that Orsi fits more with what Uruguay is, especially with the interior, because Canelones is like a small Uruguay. It has everything that Uruguay has condensed. He has been there for many years, first with Carámbula and now. He has grabbed a job of understanding Uruguay,” she said.

In the latest Cifra survey, regarding Which would the Uruguayan population prefer to be president in the next term, Orsi was the favorite of the interviewees.

He current mayor of Canelones accumulated 20% favoritism among the population surveyed, quite far from the second place: Caroline Cosseand the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgadoboth with 9%.

Anyway, the the vast majority of the population (37%) answered that they still do not know who could be the next president.

Orsi himself had already said in Postscriptthe cycle of interviews of The Observerthat he was “preparing” to be president.

“I think you never finish preparing. Why do I say it like that? When in the last election they asked me if I wanted to go to the internship that there were four candidates, I said yes. I lasted ten days. On day 10 I said no, it wasn’t ready. It’s not that you have to attend class, but you do have to start talking about other things and learn other things and move in a different way,” said the mayor.

“You have to prepare, you have to get ready. I feel and understand that I am sailing in other waters, on the big field and I started doing that a few years ago. And you have to have to move around a lot, you have to move around in Uruguay and understand things that happen abroad, talk to another sector of the country that suddenly isn’t in Canelones or is in a very small town. All this implies starting to prepare yourself at the same moment that, in addition, you are managing”he continued.

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