In Delta Amacuro they celebrated the 16 years of the PSUV

In Delta Amacuro they celebrated the 16 years of the PSUV

The governor of Delta Amacuro state, Lizeta Hernández, recalled this Thursday, December 15, the 16th anniversary of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), after being founded by President Hugo Chávez.

Hernández referred to the first years of political struggle within what he considered to be the largest political organization in Latin America.

He stressed that it is a party that was born to promote the peoples of the catacombs in order to offer them the leading role.

They celebrate the 16 years of the PSUV

The regional president also said that the PSUV has promoted a democratic system of organization, of discipline, “but above all of demands.”

During a special program broadcast through a local media connection, where the Secretary General of the Government, Alexander Amares and the mayors Amado Heredia and Edgar Guzmán participated, they assured that the party of the red awning transcends the electoral.

A party of inclusion

The mayor of the Casacoima municipality, Edgar Guzmán, affirmed that it is not an organization only for electoral processes, but to serve the people and be attentive to all scenarios.

“The PSUV is a movement party, which governs together with all levels of the Venezuelan State,” said the mayor.

The organization that defeats exclusive elites

The Secretary General of the Delta Amacuro state government, Alexander Amares, insisted that President Hugo Chávez devised this organization to serve the people.

He recalled that, during the previous political processes, the parties only served the elites and foreign powers.

“Now it is the militants who choose the structural elements. A party must be organized, loyal, democratic and participatory. It is not only politics, it is culture, art, which is part of caring for a people,” said Amares.

indigenous leadership

The mayor of the Antonio Díaz municipality, Amado Heredia, said that the celebration is propitious to continue reflecting and debating in the search for a just society, “that is why Chávez devised the necessary tools, that is why the bases are there. Much progress has been made.”

Heredia thanked the inclusion of indigenous peoples in the leadership of decisions through the PSUV.

“The PSUV is close, it is a fabric that allows it to connect with the entire political level of the country to serve the people and there, within this fabric are the indigenous people, who for many years were excluded from any decision,” questioned Amado Heredia.

Activities in the Delta

In Tucupita, the party carried out several activities, among them, the annual balance of the Congress of the New Era, recreational activities, the discussion on the role of the PSUV within the Bolivarian Revolution and finally they sang the birthday.

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