In Cuba "There is not"and point

In Cuba "There is not"and point

It is normal to find posters everywhere in Havana offering articles or services. Written by hand, on many occasions with spelling mistakes, on an old and stained piece of cardboard, in which the final destination of its useful life is inferred, they announce everything that is difficult to find in state stores. The most common is the sale of ice, but also many other things, as long as they do not cause problems with the authorities, from mouse poison to apartments, including plumbing or fumigation work.

One of those posters, hanging on a balcony in the Havana neighborhood of Key West, drew attention. “There isn’t,” he said. That was all. No explanations and no phone to contact. “There is no”, as if anything fit as an object, summarizing in a very brief phrase the state of the country. There is no gas, there is no bread, there is no chicken, there is no sugar, there is no soap, there is no transportation, there is no freedom. In Cuba there is none, period.


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