In Comodoro Py and the Public Ministry supported a defender who denounced a prosecutor

In Comodoro Py and the Public Ministry supported a defender who denounced a prosecutor

The federal prosecutor was charged with minor injuries, gender violence, deprivation of liberty and threats (Photo:

The Collective of MPD Workersthe Working Women of Comodoro Py and the Women Workers of the Public Prosecutor’s Office They expressed, through a statement, the “support and accompaniment” to the public defender who denounced the federal prosecutor Francisco Snopek, for gender-based violence in the workplace.

“It is time to end the long silence that has been maintained on the serious misconduct of Francis Snopeck”, expresses the statement, through which the women expressed their “support and accompaniment” to the official defender Ana Clarisa Galan Muñoz and “to the colleagues from the Salta jurisdiction who raised their voices to denounce workplace harassment and the systematic gender-based violence they suffer” by this prosecutor.

Likewise, the document refers to the resolution of the Judge of Gender Violence of Third Nomination of Salta, Maria Carolina Caceres Morenor, which recognizes that Galán Muñoz “is a victim of gender-based violence in the workplace by the prosecutor”, and ordered “urgent protection measures for the harassment and mistreatment” suffered for six years.

the federal prosecutor, accused of minor injuries, gender violence, deprivation of liberty and threats Due to an event that occurred at the end of May, in which his partner and three police officers are involved, he was instructed last week by Cáceres Moreno not to approach the defender, who denounced him for gender-based violence in the workplace, judicial sources reported. .

According to the statement from the Collective of Workers of the MPD, the Women Workers of Comodoro Py and the Women Workers of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in his complaint, Galán stated that “since his appointment to act before the Oral Courts of Salta, he suffers situations of violence psychological, in the form of workplace violence” exercised by Snopek, with whom he shares his work environment.

In addition, it revealedsituations of permanent harassment through discredited treatmentthe differentiation in the treatment between men and women promoted by the prosecutor, which affects not only her but also her work team, particularly women”.

“The gender violence exercised by the federal criminal prosecutor Francisco Snopek is not new in the city of Salta. He was recently prosecuted for the crimes of minor injuries aggravated by the bond and gender violence against his current partner. This is not the first known complaint. His previous partner and a worker belonging to the National Public Ministry in Salta also denounced him for acts of the same category, ”says the document.

Then, the communique points out that “in a clear tolerant attitude towards the Acts of violence exercised by the prosecutor against womenthe Attorney General of the Nation was made aware of this long-standing situation by the General Defender’s Office” and “deliberately failed to advance in the investigation” for the sanction of situations of this nature and “filed the summary”.

The women reported that Snopek has “the coverage” by Attorney General Eduardo Casaland demanded that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Nation “advance the administrative summary to the prosecutor”, in accordance with the resolution issued by Cáceres Moreno, and “apply the corresponding sanctions to definitively stop workplace harassment, abuse of power and violence of gender in that jurisdiction.

“Likewise, we accompany the courage and strength of our colleagues and urge that they be given all institutional support. Never again will they take advantage of the comfort of our silence, ”says the statement released.

Cáceres Moreno ordered Snopek to “refrain from any action that affects the life, freedom, dignity, psychological and labor integrity, and personal safety” of the defender.

In addition, he ordered her to carry out specific and mandatory training on gender-based violence, while compulsively ordering her to undergo therapeutic treatment.

The judge also determined a fixed assignment at the victim’s home for ten days, and then regular daily police rounds for another 15 days, in addition to conducting psychological reports on the accused.

Snopek must give a statement on August 10 on the reported facts.

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